| wb backstage

If you want to know, how I prepare for my live appearances or go about learning new material, pls. feel free to “sneak peek” the “casa wes’bound” in order to see me practicing. A little warning though: Please don’t take this as reference material – it’s really nothing more than a look over my shoulder to see what I keep myself busy with. 😉

Practicing “So What”, Ronnie Jordan’s version
Eye to Eye, “jammin’ with Chaka Khan”
Talk to your Daughter, “jammin’ with Robben Ford”
Goofin’ around with Toto’s “Jake to the Bone”
Practicing George Benson’s “On Broadway”
Making of a new song

On piano: My Funny Valentine, Dave Grusin-like version


  1. hey Werner,

    this is Roy (NSJ Den Haag and the night of the swollen tongue :-))! Keep jammin man! All the best!!!


  2. hahahahhahhhaaaa! 😀 Yeah, I guess, if all else fails, I may have managed to make a ‘name’ for myself with that episode ROFL! Thanks Roy – I’ll keep jammin’ (thanks for giving me the title for my first album: wesbound and the night of the swollen tongue …. hahahahahaaaaaa!!!!! :D)


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