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I’m pleased to report that MC# is rapidly making its way onto the airwaves since it’s launch a couple of days ago. Please find a list of friendly radio hosts and supporting stations who are airing or have previously aired my music:

It is a lifelong dream come true to find my music on playlists, which feature all my music icons and role models, such as Brian Simpson, Bob James, Candy Dulfer, Jeff Lorber, Richard Elliot, Boney James, Greg Anderson, Joyce Cooling, Chieli Minucci, Al Jarreau, Donald Fagen, Jonathan Butler, Jeff Golub – just to name a few. Wow!!!

On a special note, I would like to point out that none of this would have been possible without the initiative, vision and enthusiasm of Marissa “Radio Gurl” Calliguire and most noteably creative and technical guidance as well as factual help from Bruce “Radio Boss” Nazarian, a.k.a. The Digital Guy of the eponymous radio show format he founded in February 2010. Hence, it is my (near incredulous) pleasure and honor to have been featured on the Digital Guy Radio show #60 in Marissa Calliguire’s Motown and International Scene Report on March 21st, 2011! This sure marks a very significant step in my musical endeavours! Please find the relevant excerpt of the show below. However, I do encourage you to click on the link above and listen to the entire show. Find the Digital Guy Radio Show on Facebook, click ‘like’ and become a  member of the growing TDG family!

I’d like to do a BIG shoutout to above noted mentors as well as friends and fans, who have been cheering me on for more than two years now. It’s quite the trip! Thanks guys! YOU – make this happen!

wesbound, March 11th, 2011, updated on March 22nd and again on May 23rd 2011.

Marissa Calliguire’s Motown and International Scene Report featuring MC#



  1. Dear Wesbound,

    Your Talent shines into the Heavens above and into the very depth of one’s soul. Your Music touches not only my Heart but Hearts of many. Thank you for taking time to go the extra mile to show you want your music to come out just right. Wishing much success with your track MC # and all your others. I Honor you and your music.

    Musically Yours,
    Colleen Coco Spencer
    Smooth Groove Phoenix.com


  2. Whoa, Colleen… I’m at loss for words over your comment… I’m equally moved, if my music has such an effect on you and people. And it’s an honor to share my gifts – and a pleasure when seeing the amount of appreciation you just expressed. Made my day, lady! 🙂 Thank you!


  3. i have told you that you are good my friend. i pray that that the universe aligns correctly for you so you can have the right environment to create without restraint. your musical genius is a gift that should be shared with the world to uplift others to lift up their hearts and make their spirits dance.

    stay strong!

    sending hugs from across the ocean

    Karen Sidbury
    Face4ward Makeup Artistry
    U. S. A.


  4. Karen, you’re gonna have me bawling over your words any minute now… 🙂 Thank you kindly! It is particularly important at this time of maximum adversity and currently facing walls left and right to be remiinded of my path and in particular its potential significance for others! Thank you! I promise to stay strong! (… and you do the same, o.k.? :))


  5. Wes, I never for one second left in no doubt, that your music is amazing and the wait for a fair valuation. I believe in your talent, even if your life is full of obstacles, your music has a lot of positive energy. I would one day become under the stage at your concert!


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