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Drogen? Alkohol? Rupert Murdoch? | Telepolis

Zum Tod von Amy Winehouse

Source: Drogen? Alkohol? Rupert Murdoch? | Telepolis

Nicht aktuell, schon klar. Aber als “Sekundärlektüre” gefunden. Und weil er den Nachruf so ergreifend und gleichzeitig m.E. stellvertretend für den Umgang von Teilen der Öffentlichkeit mit sehr erfolgreichen Musiker*innen/Stars schreibt, hier nochmal geteilt. (Der beginnt mir in seiner Schreibe zu gefallen, der Hr. Jahnel von Telepolis bei Heise….)

Independent-Label: Inside Indie – nicht das Ende vom Lied – brand eins online

Source: Independent-Label: Inside Indie – nicht das Ende vom Lied – brand eins online

Ein bißchen Nachhilfe in Sachen Musikvermarktung und – verkauf.

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Anita Baker Adds Additional Dates to Farewell Concert Series

Due to overwhelming demand, Wynn Las Vegas is pleased to announce additional show dates have been added to multi-platinum recording artist Anita Baker’s Farewell Concert Series at Encore Theater this summer. Fans of the GRAMMY Award-winner will now be able to catch the guaranteed-to-be monumental

Source: Anita Baker Adds Additional Dates to Farewell Concert Series

😢 sniff Eversince she had her breakthrough in the 80ies and when I got to listen to her music for the first time I was completely enthusiastic (and hooked)! There was a kind of music I had never heard of before nor listened to and which I was immediately partial to! In the years that followed I had always hoped to get to see her appear live on stage somewhere, but I never found tour dates or I was on stage myself. At least ONE SINGLE TIME in my life I would have loved to see her perform live… And now that is never going to happen ever again as those added concert dates in Las Vegas will be her final appearances on stage marking the end of a most impressive career spanning several decades…

Farewell then, Ms. Baker – and thank you for your great music. (I’m kind of devastated now…😢)

Apple’s Last Chance – Technology, Invention, App, and More – Medium

“Lost or obscured are the big bands and the chamber ensembles and world music collectives. Lost are the cross-over hybrid masters whose work falls between genres. Lost are the young composers and instrumentalists who had the gall and the nerve to choose a path in sophisticated music in a post-MTV world. We’re missing music with movements and music of long durations with mingled ensembles. America doesn’t ignore this canon and its own musical heritage and ferment because it doesn’t like it. It doesn’t know it’s there.”

Source: Apple’s Last Chance – Technology, Invention, App, and More – Medium

Can I hug Craig Havighurts, please? Soooo darn spot on he is!!!