Leistungsschutzrecht: Verlage erteilen Google Recht auf Gratisnutzung – SPIEGEL ONLINE


Leistungsschutzrecht: Verlage erteilen Google Recht auf Gratisnutzung – SPIEGEL ONLINE.

Schätze mal, das wird Signalwirkung im Hinblick auf den Streit zwischen GEMA und YouTube/Google haben… – nicht zum Nutzen der Künstler natürlich. “Wer zahlt, schafft an”, hieß es auch früher schon immer… Tja. Die Zeiten ändern sich eben doch nicht wirklich….


Sound Recording and Composition Rights explained

Following my earlier post about Audiam.com collecting money on the independent artist’s behalf, I also found this excellent document in the “How it Works” section of their website. Any independent artist is well advised to educate themselves on this, so you can make informed decisions.

Audiam.com turns Copyright Infringement into Making Money!

This is cool!.

My Facebook- und G+ friend Patricia Britton of Utopian Dreams Band shared this cool service URL with us: Audiam.com are collecting your streaming royalties from exposure and play on YouTube and see to it that you’re making the money you are entitled to! The key word here is perfoming rights. For more detailed information on how it all works, please see this: Audiam – how it works.

Google acquire RightsFlow

RightsFlow founder and CEO Patrick Sullivan announced on December 9th, 2011 that Google have acquired his company in order to facilitate copyrights and licensing compliance as well as monetization for artists, labels, distributors and other interested parties around the world.

“We’re pleased to now be taking a momentous step with the team at YouTube, that shares in our vision of solving the really challenging problem of copyright management. Combined with the worldwide platform and reach of YouTube, we’ll now be able to drive awareness, adoption, and licensing success to a much larger audience — ultimately benefiting users, artists, labels, songwriters, publishers, and the entire global music ecosystem.”

This is indeed the next logical step in monetizing online available music and other works of art that are subject of intellectual property of content producers. It’ll be interesting to see, how Google/YouTube will implement RightsFlow into the YouTube user experience. (News via Patricia Britton on G+)