Reorganizing Preview Tracks

wesbound music track coverAfter careful consideration I’ve decided to remove all full length tracks, which are embedded in this blog and on Facebook and elsewhere. I have uploaded short preview tracks much like iTunes offers them. They range around 30 seconds each, two tracks are beyond one minute. This should give you an idea of what the rest of the tracks sound like. As I’ve still not entirely given up hopes on making a little extra lunch money on the side I provide my music as for-purchase-download files (no physical CD yet). I am aware that typical Smooth Jazz audiences aren’t too partial to downloading and prefer holding a physical CD in their hands, ideally purchased at a live concert and signed by the artist. Well… I can’t ever get there, if I don’t make at least a little bit of money from downloads. In other words: If you like my music and if you’d like to see me take another level, we’re going to have to meet half-way. :-)

I might post a download tutorial some time. For now, please find my tracks in the music player in the right column or on the wb music page. Download-links are available directly in the music player and they’re labeled “buy”. Thanks for all your support so far, I appreciate it! And my apologies for any inconveniences while I was in the process of reorganizing the linked music files.

Extension of Song on iTunes, Amazon et al

I hate soliciting. While I am happy to support other people’s causes and projects here and there, I hate to do that on my own behalf. However, I must if another one of my tunes is supposed to remain available on iTunes, Amazon and other common digital stores, the latter more or less for reasons of exposure and wider availability. (it’s like having a spot on a Macy’s shelf at a major urban mall or something…). I am subscribed to some of the major digital stores, like iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Spotify – to name just a few – via as I found their distribution model to be transparent, easy to understand and – well at the time – fairly o.k. in pricing. They charge a flat fee per song per year for distribution on up to 20 different stores including those stores’ national outlets, which multiplies that number significantly. This flat fee is due for this song:

If you enjoy, what you’re hearing, then please consider following the link above in the player to purchase a digital copy of it. I need about 10 copies to get to keep the song available on above named popular stores. I personally prefer selling via bandcamp as their distribution model is even more fair to the artist. However and like I said – exposure on iTunes, Amazon etc. adds “credibility”. I’m not going to argue on the latter and simply accept the terms and rules ;-) Thanks for your support, I appreciate it!

666 – The Moment is Here! ;)

Whooooaaaa – not to be immodest, but … we somehow all kinda sensed this number would eventually happen, didn’t we? (Well, in case of faith in me and my stuff, that is) ;-)
So… without further comment, here it is:
666 wesbound fans

Welcome to my new friends and supporters, shoutout to the previous ones! Whoohoo!

P.S. Notice something else that was funny about the number…? ;) (Hint – it’s all in the comments… ;))

Gutted Strat

I partially disassembled my Fender Stratocaster in order to widen the frame where the twin pivot tremblock sits. The idea was to give the tremolo more room, so it bends upwards by at least 2 semitones. I am pleased to say that the procedure worked out without butchering the instrument (although minor injuries to the color coating took place). However – I find 11 gauge strings not to sound right on a Stratocaster, not to mention the amount of strength that needs to go into bending strings. I’m gonna have to resort to 10 gauge again. Physical power can be obtained by exercise. But the sound isn’t right.

New tune: “MC#”, speak: em-cee sharp

mc_sharpI have completed another tune. It’s called MC# (speak: em-cee sharp) and made of Marissa Caliguire’s initials combined with a pun on the musical key C# (C sharp). Marissa recently relaunched her website and asked me, whether I could contribute an exclusive song for this endevour. Why – of course! So I started to write the main theme right away, which kind of ‘happened’ on me – maybe one of those lucky moments, where the muse comes sitting on your shoulder and whispers music in your ears :). Well… after that, there was a lot of tedious, nitty-gritty work involved, of course. The writing of a song (main theme, lyrics) is one thing. Getting it recorded and produced – can be a painfully long and tedious process, at least with me here. I’m still hoping to better find out, what circumstances I must be on the lookout for in order to be productive at maximum capacity and efficiency (I’m… errm…still looking, o.k.? :)). However – it still was fun to know that someone might have a good time with this – ideally many more than two people ;) (one can always hope, can we? :)).

Anyway – without further ado: The song is now available on Amazon, iTunes, Napster, eMusic and a bunch of others anywhere between now and the next weeks.

To prelisten, visit Marissa Caliguire’s brand spanking new website. Be sure to check back there in the following days and weeks, as Marissa will travel to Oasis Contemporary Jazz Awards and cover lots of exciting stuff going on there. Also, be sure to pay a visit to The Digital Guy Radio Show, aka Radio Boss, who’s attending, too and who is a sponsor of Oasis’. TDG is also going to revv up their game, as a live video stream has been tested over the past few weeks and will be in operation as of … (am I supposed to share…?). Well, just head over to the Digital Guy Show to check out the latest and greatest on all things Smooth Jazz. Groove first, people! Groove first. (errm… note to self in that regard…, thank you)

wesbound, March of 2011.

Chuck Loeb Interview

I had the incredible opportunity of interviewing Chuck Loeb at Smooth Jazz Festival Augsburg 2010. Due to existing length limitations on YouTube, the video was edited into three consecutive segments. Please find them below.

part 1 of 3:

part 2 of 3:

part 3 of 3:

If for whatever reason above videos don’t work, please follow below posted links:

part 1 of 3

Part 2 of 3

Part 3 of 3