Tweet and Greet: wesbound@Skunk Radio Live | wesboundmusic

I got encouraged to submit my material to below London based radio station and network by the name of Skunk Radio Live, who apparently provide some additional services like promotion, licensing and such. In order to sway the odds in my favor in regards to getting considered and selected for their programming, may I ask my inclined supporters to keep tweeting “wesbound@skunkradiolive” for the next few days? You could even get creative yourself and add comments of your own, e.g. “let’s hear wesbound on Skunk Radio Live” or like this 🙂 Just make sure the term “wesbound@skunkradiolive” is a part of your tweet, so that we catch the attention of their “crawlbots” or whatever mechanism is in place for them to count supporters. One step at a time, but they’re new and exciting times, don’t you think?

Have a lovely rest of your Sunday and a great week!

Skunk Radio Live.


wesbound playing on Radio München

radio muenchen Maria Rui playing now on Radio München.

Chop Gelado and my humble self should play there at some point, too. Thanks, Angela Sandweger!

(1) Radio München.

What I do on my Off Days…

… I fill in for the Munich airport tour… 🙂 No, seriously now: This was taken during the show after Stefan Aaron’s flying carpet landed, with him on the platform and performing while airborne. I played “percussion” on the Munich airport logo “M”. One of the singers said I looked “anxious”… uhm… huh? 🙂munich airport soca

Flying Pianist Stefan Aaron | All media content | DW.DE | 26.07.2014

Very cool! DW have published a report on Stefan’s flying carpet ride while performing on his orange piano in English! Check it out!

Flying Pianist Stefan Aaron | All media content | DW.DE | 26.07.2014.

Munich Airport Soca on the Airfield– July 23,2014

Two new versions of the Munich Airport Soca Song.

Teaser Trailer:

Long version:

Still can’t believe, I was – uhm – am a part of this…