MC# remains available on iTunes & Other Digital Stores

Here’s a quick note to let you know that I’ve decided to keep MC# around on iTunes and other digital stores. I have updated my music page accordingly, where you can conveniently follow the links to the respective stores for digital download.

Thanks for your continued support, folks!


Why should I choose TuneCore to be my Publishing Administrator?

I’m thinking of trying this service. What’s the benefit? If I have someone take care of the publishing administration of my music, I get to have an actual shot at licensing my music out for use in other works of art – e.g. film, photography etc. – or any commercial use. To get started, I need 75,-$, which unfortunately, I seriously don’t have. A kind follower of my music recently purchased my EP for 10,- $ at bandcamp, where you get to download in high quality audio for 5,- (including bonus video), but are free to pay more.

If I can get 25 people to purchase a download, I’ll make those 75,-$ required for purchasing the publishing administration services. Are you in? 🙂

Why should I choose TuneCore to be my Publishing Administrator?.

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No Renewal

I received a notification letting me know that my song “I Count on U” is due for renewal on February 13th. This means that for it to appear on iTunes, Amazon and the likes for another year, I’d have to pay a flat fee of 9.90$. My balance is 10.38$ right now and this particular song was downloaded 66 times – in four years, mind you. There was a little bit of attention shortly after my collaboration with Brian O’Neal and a little bit of (web) radio promotion as well as modest campaigning on my part – if you can call it that. I might have put a bigger effort in as far as marketing, but I hate to praise myself. And the kind efforts of both fans (mostly on Facebook) and radio hosts kindly supporting me did help to raise a bit of attention, I guess. It’s a competitive field and I can’t claim to have kept at it on a steady basis for a number of reasons, all of which mostly health-related or related to outcomes pertaining to that situation.

However, I don’t think, a bigger effort would have made that much of a difference. I guess, downloading just isn’t the thing for Smooth Jazz or Jazz audiences. From what I see happening on Facebook and such, audiences enjoy to meet their favored artists in person and after seeing their concerts. I realize it is the CD-signing and picture taking part after the concert, which is where most of the sales are likely to be generated today. Since I have never completed and released a CD after my first few online published tracks, let alone toured, I can’t exactly expect for cheques to fly into my account, can I?

Due to a variety of reasons which I have repeatedly alluded to and recently quite openly talk about, touring is not an option for me and any foreseeable future. Without that, there isn’t too big a point in completing and finishing a CD. I need a vision to be motivated. Struggling with technology – and in addition to personal and substantial obstacles to do with aforementioned issues – has become a pest for me and I can’t really say that I enjoy the mere fact of going about writing and recording music at this time in my life – not like I used to enjoy it when I was younger. Quite frankly, it’s an incredible pain in the ass for me to an extent, where my aversion manifests in intense physical discomfort. I haven’t managed to relax myself enough to really get into a more or less ongoing productive flow.

Whatever. No renewals. You still get to listen to the small number of tracks I have out there on or as well as I take it, streaming works well enough for most people, so there you have them.

I use @TuneCore to get my music on iTunes. If you’re a musician, sign up with them today (you’ll get a discount).

I use @TuneCore to get my music on iTunes. If you're a musician, sign up with them today (you'll get a discount)..

And on a personal note: A one time, modest flat fee per and per song or album and no more fees incurred. Plus: Reaping your international and streaming royalties where they apply and on your behalf. Publish your videos online. All that plus a profound library of essential 101s and other relevant knowledge. I call that a bargain.