4 Reasons Why Music Careers Are Getting Trounced By Tech

4 Reasons Why Music Careers Are Getting Trounced By Tech.

“Ouch”. Big “ouch”! Even bigger “ouch”! “Why bother then”, comes  to mind. Well… in my case – done tech already and will only do it again over my dead body. Or in yet different words: I’d have to be dead to allow being taken back to that career. “Abuse” galore is the “cool” and “sexy” there, if you asked me. So then… with music, I have at least a tiny chance of enjoying myself here and there, provided the fellow cats and audience are cool and pick up on the vibe I’m sending. Or something like that…


Teilen ist das neue Haben | Piratenpartei Berlin

Musiker als Tagelöhner? – ttt – titel, thesen, temperamente – ARD | Das Erste.

Autsch! Super autsch! “Teilen ist das neue Haben”, liest man auf den Wahlplakaten der Piraten. Ja, o.k. – wenn ich bei meinen Zuhörern dann umsonst wohnen und essen darf, ausreichend Privatsphäre habe, um meiner künstlerischen Tätigkeit weiter nachgehen zu können, dann von mir aus. Den Slogan müssen wir vielleicht doch nochmal überdenken…

Teen Jazz Interview with Composer Andrew Balogh – YouTube

This excellent Teen Jazz Interview with Composer Andrew Balogh – YouTube. by Shannon Kennedy, who asked very intelligent questions, answered a lot of questions for me, which I wasn’t able to answer myself without going there and finding out and possibly falling on my ass. No need to do that any more. I now know without a doubt where I don’t stand and won’t stand any more in this life. Acceptance just took on a whole new meaning. Didn’t see this coming, but o.k. (I think).
I can subscribe to everything Shannon and Andrew say and that’s pretty much how I’ve operated myself many years ago – when the passion was there. It’s no longer there, I’m simply too frustrated with life in general and with how the business goes in particular. I just don’t wanna do it any more. Since I’m an “all or nothing at all” kinda guy – nothing at all it is. Screw all that shit.