How playing an instrument benefits your brain – Anita Collins – YouTube

Was I flattering myself here? Maybe a little… 🙂

via How playing an instrument benefits your brain – Anita Collins – YouTube.

Brian ONeal – Purchase the “Dreams In Color” CD or MP3 downloads…

Brian and I met online on Myspace some time around 2008 and later connected on Facebook as well. In 2009, an impromptu online collaboration came from that, which resulted in Brian’s video “Dreams in Color”

Little did I know beforehand that Brian would actually go at such lengths and live among the homeless for two weeks instead of just holding a camera to the faces of our less fortunate, downtrodden and – unjustified so – often ridiculed, marginalized and overlooked fellow brothers and sisters. I ran the gamut of emotions upon realizing how serious Brian was about this project.

So serious in fact that not too long after having completed the video he founded the DO Foundation (named after his late Grandmother Daisy O‘Neal), who have been rescuing countless individuals and families from having to live in their cars or in abandoned buildings and have placed them in homes they purchased from donations. In addition to that, they organize reach out street campaigns, where they directly go to the homeless and provide them with some basic essentials in order to alleviate some of the brutal challenges associated with surviving the “urban desert”.

In his capacity of a consummate professional artist, who has been touring and performing with a huge list of music celebrities – and that list keeps growing as we type -, Brian not only managed to divide his time between his many dates as a sideman as well as leader of his own projects, he also somehow made time to finish his fourth CD with his own original music – all this between being a dad, a grandfather, a partner, a friend to many and a community member with a heart the size of a continent.

If so inclined, please consider supporting Brian and his team(s) of volunteers in making a difference – by changing one ear at a time, one heart at a time, and the lives of many for the better. All you have to do is click the link below and purchase Brian’s latest effort “Dreams in Color”, featuring a host of new talent, who will become or already are major artists in their own right.

Click here and follow the instructions in your browser window: Brian ONeal – Purchase the “Dreams In Color” CD or MP3 downloads….