Jacob Collier @ TED, Vancouver, BC

Watching him, for me it’s almost a sacred meditation thing, a form of mass or service. I think, one can feel the Creator behind and in everything he does when open to the general idea of a Creator. In any case: Inspiration on steroids in my book:


Pink Floyd Just Made History One Last Time – Mic

Everything comes to an end – sooner or later. I remember one evening at a winter ski camp in the late 70ies, when a few schoolmates gathered in the room I was accommodated in, made themselves comfortable, cut the lights and someone played a tape of Pink Floyd’s “Wish You Were Here” and “Dark Side of the Moon” in otherwise complete silence. Felt almost mystical. And it implanted the music bug in general and the Pink Floyd bug in particular in me for many years to come.

Hurts a little to see everything that once meant the world to me inevitably diminish in significance or effect. On the other hand: Funny to notice how I instantly remember every single note and chord in this tune when rolling it, the bluesy guitar licks, the somber organ sound, the soft synth lead sound and the sophisticated vocal harmonies along with nifty ad libs everywhere in between – they all seem etched into my music synapses for good! Oh, how I yearned to play that music and how I sat my behind down for days on end and learnt it all until I thought I sounded just like Gilmore on the record! 🙂

But everything must go, sooner or later… those days are definitely gone. Congrats to Pink Floyd for having broken yet another sales record with their presumably last album and a huge thanks to them for enriching my life and that of many others’ in many ways. “Shine on you crazy diamond”, indeed (quote borrowed from below linked article)!

Pink Floyd Just Made History One Last Time – Mic.

How playing an instrument benefits your brain – Anita Collins – YouTube

Was I flattering myself here? Maybe a little… 🙂

via How playing an instrument benefits your brain – Anita Collins – YouTube.

Per Julie White: “Homelessness is real. This song is pure.”



(1) Julie White – Homelessness is real. This song is pure. Brian….

It all started (again) with this: Brian and I met online in late 2008 and in 2009 he sent me a song he had written on piano and invited me to record an acoustic guitar. “Think simple acoustic”, was the creative direction that came with the file 🙂 So I asked a friend, if I could borrow his acoustic guitar for a while, since I didn’t own one any more, not to mention played one in decades and actually needed to learn it again to some extent. While doing so, I was tossing ideas around in my head and racked my brian as to how to best approach this. Ultimately and after probably a hundred takes, none of which I was comfortable sending back, I did another recording session at a nearby music store. (They let me have their sales booth for 3 hours with tape around the door so people wouldn’t come in. Wow… thanks to Justmusic Munich for that!).
recording at justmusic, Munich
And you know what? In the end, a blend of the first few takes made the cut and I sent it back with a note reading “That’s the best I can do. Feel free to throw it out, if it doesn’t work for you.”

The rest is recent history: Brian made a video by living among the homeless in Detroit for two weeks (!), invited me to record some video snippets in my neck of the woods, edited them, uploaded it to YouTube, got views and likes and generously shared the response he got with me and my Facebook wall, but most importantly: This project must have inspired him to do more than raise attention. I guess, from looking at it today, you might say he has been a DOer all along – and went there and founded the DO Foundation, who have saved hundreds, if not thousands of lives by now by finding abandoned homes, buying, refurbishing and furnishing them and getting families and individuals off the streets, thus giving them a chance to lead a self-sustained life at some point again. Because to apply for a job, you need to have an address somewhere and an infrastructure to actually be ready for any kind of job.

For his and his teams’ continued efforts, Brian received the Wayman Tisdale Humanitarian Award of the Year in 2010, awared to him by no other than the late Wayman Tisdale’s wife Regina Tisdale and Bernie Scott of the American Smooth Jazz Awards 2010. Nationwide broadcasting TV and radio stations caught wind of his project and have been supporting him in his efforts to attract more public attention to his endeavour and thus have a steady flow of donations come in, which are being used directly on behalf of the needs of the homeless. Brian’s latest record “Dreams in Color” will hopefully make him a household name all across the U.S. and beyond, so that his publicity might benefit all the great work him and his supporters have been doing all along. And for me, my teenage dream came true: All I ever wanted to achieve was finding my name in the liner notes of a major album production – and it came true with my modest contribution to this record! I couldn’t be more honored than finding myself among all this great music talent that Brian brought together on this album and on top of it all – in the name of a humanitarian cause that addresses one of the terrible downsides of the system we all live in, which has no place for anyone who ever hits a rough patch of the road and for whatever reason may not find themselves able to perform at 200% for 24/7 all of a sudden. Anyone might find themselves losing a job for a multitude of reasons at any given times in their lives. After that, the downward spiral begins spinning real fast and one might find themselves facing a “life” in the streets sooner than not. I don’t wish this to happen to anyone and I can’t even begin to ponder the incredible strength and resilience it takes to simply survive out there. I guess, some of these thoughts and feelings found their way into Brian’s song “I Wanna Be a Hero“, featuring Monica Notaro on lead vocals. Because the homeless living face- and nameless amongst us, walking the streets, overlooked, forgotten, ridiculed or even ruthlessly attacked, that’s what they are in my book, too: Heroes. Heroes of survival, of keeping their dignity in circumstances that have me shudder with horror from only imagining them.

If so inclined, please consider purchasing a copy of Brian’s latest CD directly from his website, so him and his teams get to continue doing the great work they’ve been doing over the past years. Thank you.

Michael Nitsch Band – Time

home - Michael Nitsch - guitar - composing

Just downloaded the excellent album “Time” by Michael Nitsch Band, which you get to purchase from CDBaby.com.

Michael, who originally hails from Cologne, Germany, was introduced to Jazz and taught his first guitar chords by his father Wolfgang. Music luminaries like Wes Montgomery, George Benson, Jim Hall, Tal Farlow and Kenny Burrell found their way into Michael’s music ear as early as age 12. During his later teen years, he also caught the “Blues bug” through music icons like e.g. B.B. King, Albert King, Albert Collins and Jimi Hendrix. But a pivotal moment was his listening to the 1988 Robben Ford CD release “Talk to Your Daugther”, when he discovered through Ford how to blend Jazz and Blues into one organic fusion of styles.

As Michael honed his skills by playing countless live and studio gigs, particularly after having moved to Munich in 1998, he found opportunities to reap the rewards of his efforts by founding the lounge pop band “Fat’s Jojo Magic” first and getting hired as lead guitarist with the “Donelly Blues Band”. However, he has come into his own with the Michael Nitsch Band, sporting the finest German music talent and with whom he continues to exhilirate musical audiences at renowned music clubs and festivals throughout the country.

Other than touring and playing extensively, Michael hands down his expertise to students of the guitar, who benefit not only from his live and studio experience, but his formal education at MGI Cologne as well. In order to learn about live appearances, please also notice the band’s Facebook page. And last, but not least, treat yourself to this fine piece of music by taking a sneak listen on his website and ideally proceding to the purchase link.