Toto’s “Africa” Is Playing on a Never-Ending Loop in the Middle of an African Desert – Condé Nast Traveler

toto africa plays in an infinite loop in the Namib Desert
Six speakers and solar energy might make Max Siedentopf’s art installation, “Toto Forever,” go on forever. Image credit: Max Siedentopf. (image under fair use useage)

Source: Toto’s “Africa” Is Playing on a Never-Ending Loop in the Middle of an African Desert – Condé Nast Traveler

Is this cool or what?! Love this project! Toto’s Africa duly paid hommage! Go Max Siedentopf, go Toto!


Rick Beato: Why Postmodernism In Music Is Bad (Sucks) – YouTube

Rick Beato’s above linked YouTube channel was kindly brought to my attention by Dietmar Liehr, a prolific Jazz guitarist, bassist, occasional drummer, session host, sideman and entrepreneurial man of many hats – as in: roles. While Beato sounds a bit too dogmatic to my ears sometimes, I think he has some excellent points with this podcast episode, where he talks about modern composers/film music composers and their “bag of tricks” to create suspense or other movements in music, thus (emotionally) taking the listener to where the film director will want them to be.

“Opus Infernale”, 2016 assignment for a video editing publication

As I’ve dabbled in this musical realm as well, I find this to be an incredibly enlightening, educating, informative episode densely packed with music theory knowledge from Beato’s music experience of many years. I think, he really understands blending theory with a hands-on approach and making the most of any scale, chord progression etc.

The video runs for some 17 minutes, which I think will be time wisely spent, if you’re of the curious, ambitious ilk.

Jacob Collier @ TED, Vancouver, BC

Watching him is almost a sacred meditation thing to me, a form of mass or service. I think, one can feel the Creator behind and in everything he does (when being open to the general idea of a Creator to begin with). In any case: Inspiration on steroids in my book:

Pink Floyd Just Made History One Last Time – Mic

Everything comes to an end – sooner or later. I remember one evening at a winter ski camp in the late 70ies, when a few schoolmates gathered in the room I was accommodated in, made themselves comfortable, cut the lights and someone played a tape of Pink Floyd’s “Wish You Were Here” and “Dark Side of the Moon” in otherwise complete silence. Felt almost mystical. And it implanted the music bug in general and the Pink Floyd bug in particular in me for many years to come.

Hurts a little to see everything that once meant the world to me inevitably diminish in significance or effect. On the other hand: Funny to notice how I instantly remember every single note and chord in this tune when rolling it, the bluesy guitar licks, the somber organ sound, the soft synth lead sound and the sophisticated vocal harmonies along with nifty ad libs everywhere in between – they all seem etched into my music synapses for good! Oh, how I yearned to play that music and how I sat my behind down for days on end and learnt it all until I thought I sounded just like Gilmore on the record! 🙂

But everything must go, sooner or later… those days are definitely gone. Congrats to Pink Floyd for having broken yet another sales record with their presumably last album and a huge thanks to them for enriching my life and that of many others’ in many ways. “Shine on you crazy diamond”, indeed (quote borrowed from below linked article)!

Pink Floyd Just Made History One Last Time – Mic.

How playing an instrument benefits your brain – Anita Collins – YouTube

Was I flattering myself here? Maybe a little… 🙂

via How playing an instrument benefits your brain – Anita Collins – YouTube.