C3S – Your GEMA Alternative after 2014

This is going to be an alternative and competitor to the current monopoly of collecting society GEMA in Germany. Most of you will only know GEMA from those annoying blocking messages when locating certain YouTube videos, which go back to a legal dispute between Google (who own YouTube) and GEMA, where the two parties can’t seem to find a mutually acceptable solution as to the percentage of generated (ad) income that should go to the legal copyright holders of copyrighted material (like e.g. music).

C3S’s business model is going to allow for more flexibility in licensing and collection of royalties for all of its members. The downside for now is that C3S is not in operation yet, pending approval by Deutsches Patent- und Markenamt (DPMA). According to their below linked website, they are expected to become fully operational some time in 2015, but will hand in their application with DPMA in 2014. But supporters and artists interested in taking advantage of the services of a collecting society whose founders understand and reflect the challenges of the digital age in the way they set up and offer said services to their members, can register now and immediately start using those services already in place.

A one time initial fee of 50,- EUR applies upon registration. Future membership fees will only be charged when the registered member sees any returns from licensing and collecting of royalties. In other words: If you make some money with their help, they’ll take out their membership fee from that. If you don’t make any money, you’ll still remain a member based on the initial one time payment, as far as I understand their policy correctly.

But see for yourselves:

(2) C3S.

US-Filmindustrie jubelt über Copyright-Urteil gegen Hotfile | heise online

“Wir applaudieren dem Gericht für die Erkenntnis, dass Hotfile nicht einfach ein Dateispeicher war, sondern ein Geschäftsmodell, das auf die massive Verbreitung gestohlener Inhalte aufbaut.”

via US-Filmindustrie jubelt über Copyright-Urteil gegen Hotfile | heise online.

Copyright Debate

Here’s a very interesting British-German study on copyright earnings by two acknowledged experts on the subject, presented on behalf of writers. I found this in an article on SPIEGEL Online, which made a good point that there is too little fact and too many emotions present with the current “debate” on copyrights and intellectual property. I couldn’t agree more.

Das Gema-Elend: Wehrt euch endlich! – Feuilleton – FAZ

Das Gema-Elend: Wehrt euch endlich! – Feuilleton – FAZ. Ein erstklassiger FAZ-Artikel, der die Ungerechtigkeit des “Systems GEMA” in seiner ganzen Tragweite darstellt und gut nachvollziehbar erläutert. Ich verlasse mich zusätzlich zu meinen eigenen Beobachtungen und der daraus resultierenden GEMA-Beitrittsverweigerung auf die journalistische Sorgfalt des FAZ-Autors. Am Ende des Tages geht es mir auch weniger darum, ob das nun sauber recherchiert war oder nicht: Es geht darum, neue Ansätze zu finden und voranzubringen. Die Verwertungsmodelle, die die C3S vorstellt, mögen noch nicht umfassend sein. Aber lasst mal die lästige deutsche Gründlichkeit beiseite! Hauptsache, jemand macht mal was!

Gefunden bei den geschätzten Initiatoren der kommenden GEMA-Alternative C3S. Wer sich diesen Ideen anschliessen möchte, möge bitte die Absichtserklärung mitunterzeichnen und einsenden, auf dass die Anmeldung beim Deutschen Patent- und Markenamt erfolgreich sei!

“Die Künstler wären besser beraten, für ihre eigenen Interessen zu kämpfen” | Telepolis

“Die Künstler wären besser beraten, für ihre eigenen Interessen zu kämpfen” | Telepolis. Konzertveranstalter Berthold Seliger zur Urheberrechtsdebatte und dringend nötigen Reform der Verwertungsrechte und -gesellschaften. Für Musikschaffende ein Lese-Muß. Danke an Jonny für den Tipp!

Google acquire RightsFlow

RightsFlow founder and CEO Patrick Sullivan announced on December 9th, 2011 that Google have acquired his company in order to facilitate copyrights and licensing compliance as well as monetization for artists, labels, distributors and other interested parties around the world.

“We’re pleased to now be taking a momentous step with the team at YouTube, that shares in our vision of solving the really challenging problem of copyright management. Combined with the worldwide platform and reach of YouTube, we’ll now be able to drive awareness, adoption, and licensing success to a much larger audience — ultimately benefiting users, artists, labels, songwriters, publishers, and the entire global music ecosystem.”

This is indeed the next logical step in monetizing online available music and other works of art that are subject of intellectual property of content producers. It’ll be interesting to see, how Google/YouTube will implement RightsFlow into the YouTube user experience. (News via Patricia Britton on G+)