TSBW #25 Music Labels, Guitar Building, Live Music and More – YouTube

Here’s an interesting discussion on a live G+ Hangout among independent artists and formerly signed ones about the way where the business is headed and what the opportunities are for independent artists – if you’re willing to wear different hats and put in a major effort, that is.

TSBW #25 Music Labels, Guitar Building, Live Music and More – YouTube.


I’ve entered into the Big Audition at Pizza Express London!

Hello friends, fans and supporters!

As a Reverbnation citizen, artists get notified of upcoming opportunities. These opportunities happen in the U.S. for the most part and come at a small submission fee. For various reasons, I’m unable to front the money for an itinerary and/or tour on U.S. soil at this point. So I might be missing out on great chances of getting seen and heard by you… which is…shall we say unfortunate?

However… I now found something that might turn out to be an exciting opportunity, I’d be better able to follow up on: It’s called the Big Audition at Pizza Express Jazz Club London. Starting as of July 27th, 2011 – which was two days ago – the Big Audition is open for artist submissions to enter a contest that will be rewarded with a live performance among the top 50 candidates at one of their outlets. The winner gets to take home a prize of 5,000 British Pounds! As Pizza Express’s founder Peter Boizot is a huge music proponent, they have made live music venues an integral part of their concept from the beginning. And guess who got their big break there? No lesser man than Jamie Cullum, Britain’s own wunderkind himself! Legend has it, he performed there for a free meal and got discovered on the spot with regular follow-up performances!

Whether or not I’ll be able to do as well as Mr. Cullum – is up to me preparing and – YOU! Here’s what you can do:

  • Forward this message to your friends and fellow music lovers
  • Follow me on Reverbnation, Facebook, my Facebook page, Twitter as well as my own blog
  • If I get to enter the top 50 candidates, spread the word! Or better: If you happen to live in the UK or feel like a little trip to a live music event, consider showing up at one of the 50 Regional Heats performances!

The performances from those regional heats will be uploaded to the competition site and an ensuing public voting process will decide over whether or not the artist proceeds to become one of the top 10 semi-finalists. Well… but first things first. 🙂 I entered four submissions so far, three songs and a video with audio (terms say you can, as long as they’re not the same song and different in style – which I’d say they all are). Making some noise on my behalf will certainly raise the panel’s attention levels, so… shall we do this?

In any case… these will be exciting weeks and months to come. Stay tuned!

wesbound, July 2011

wesbound to be featured on US Smooth Jazz’s “Jazztoberfest”

Hi all,

I’m honored and excited to say that Mary Ann Wexler of US Smooth Jazz is going to feature me in her next webcast called “Jazztoberfest”, beginning as of Sunday, October  17th. I’ve just completed a 6-7 min. interview with Graeme Holiday of Jazz Funk Tuesdays airing every Tuesday from 8-10 pm CEST, which will be a part of the webcast. The line-up includes artists of the likes of The After 5 Jazz Ensemble, Bickley Rivera, Deon Yates, Joe Yander, Rodney Taylor, Bobby Wells, Elizabeth Geyer, Essential Elements and many more!

For more info, feel free to locate US Smooth Jazz in your web browser and get the latest and greatest on all things Smooth Jazz and Independent Artists 🙂

Thanks for staying tuned, I appreciate your support!