New opportunities for performing artists | Nils Jiptner | LinkedIn

Source: New opportunities for performing artists | Nils Jiptner | LinkedIn

I enjoyed how Nils put things in perspective for independent artists and mentions great examples of what can be accomplished today using technology in ways we might not have thought of before. WTG and thanks, Nils!

George Clinton Spent 3M & Refuses To Stop Fight With Record Labels

George Clinton Spent 3M & Refuses To Stop Fight With Record Labels.

“I (George Clinton) want to be known as the man who brought to the attention of America the copyright issues. That’s what I would like my legacy to be, to have turned people on to the fact that they need to fight for the rights to their music.”

He shouldn’t have to be doing this, nor should any artist. Sadly, though, it seems to be the only way to get what’s yours. I’m rooting for him! (probably not only for altruistic reasons, either, to be honest… )

Bad 25 | ARTE

Bad 25 | ARTE.

I’ve watched this before, but even upon second time it gives me goosebumps from the cranial section of my head all over my body right down to my feet. And tears. He was the biggest, greatest artist at least in my lifetime – maybe of them all. Steve Jobs said “You’re here to make a dent in the universe”. To me, Michael Jackson left his footprint and legacy to last for all eternity. R.I.P., MJ!

Videos | Faiz Mangat

Videos | Faiz Mangat.

Oh wie geil! Er spricht mir in so vielen Aspekten direkt aus der Seele was das Selbstverständnis als Künstler – um mal das große Wort zu benutzen – betrifft! Klasse Interview – anschauen!

B.B. King – The Life of Riley | ARTE

B.B. King – The Life of Riley | ARTE.

Thank you, ARTE.TV, thank you!

John Mayer – R.I.P. BB King

John Mayer – Timeline Photos.

The longer I look at BB’s expression on his face, the more epic this marvellous capture of a priceless moment becomes… I like to believe that’s exactly how he’d like to be remembered… (Best eulogy and picture on BB King’s passing that I saw on Facebook):

Source: John Mayer – Timeline Photosbb king john mayer

Noch mehr „Krieger Vater König“ (via

Ich freu’ mich sehr, dass die Kollegen bei meine Eindrücke zum Film mit aufgegriffen und in deren Rezension zitiert haben. Danke! Und nochmal an alle: Wer Gelegenheit hat, sich den Film anzusehen, möge sich die Perspektive gönnen, die Julian Reich mit dem Film – und Nik Reich mit dem Soundtrack – auf den Sport und die beiden Athleten zeigen.

Der Originalbeitrag bei groundandpound: „Krieger Vater König“ feiert Filmpremiere in München  – GroundandPound . Kampfsportnews . MMA, Thaiboxen, Kickboxen, Boxen, Grapplingn, Grappling.