R.I.P. Digital Guy | wesboundmusic

It comes as a great shock to hear of the sudden passing of the legendary Bruce Nazarian a.k.a. The Digital Guy. Some thoughts and words on his passing behind the link.

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Musikindustrie ǀ Imogen Heap will die Revolution — der Freitag

Den Branchenprimussen geht es inzwischen wieder gut – im Gegensatz zu den Künstlern. Die Musikerin Imogen Heap möchte dies mit einer offenen und fairen Plattform ändern

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Ja!!! Das könnte funktionieren! // Yes! This might actually work!

Subscriptions | Bandcamp

Source: Subscriptions | Bandcamp

It’s my feeling that these Bandcamp guys are really more in the artist’s corner than any other platform. Sure, they need to make money, too, of course. Server farms, hosting, insurance – the whole nine of an enterprise. But the deals always sound a tad bit more fair than with the other guys. Go Bandcamp!

New opportunities for performing artists | Nils Jiptner | LinkedIn

Source: New opportunities for performing artists | Nils Jiptner | LinkedIn

I enjoyed how Nils put things in perspective for independent artists and mentions great examples of what can be accomplished today using technology in ways we might not have thought of before. WTG and thanks, Nils!

Native Instruments launches open file format Stems


Native Instruments announces Stems support in TRAKTOR software and hardware and a catalog of Stems releases

Berlin, August 3, 2015 – Native Instruments today proudly launches Stems – a new multi-track audio format that introduces enhanced performance possibilities for DJs and a new paradigm for the music industry as a whole. The format has been widely embraced throughout the industry, and major online music stores are already set to release hundreds of tracks from top artists and labels in Stems format. To mark the launch of the new technology, Native Instruments is offering special pricing on TRAKTOR KONTROL S8, D2, and F1 – the first Stems-ready DJ controllers.

Developed by Native Instruments, Stems is an open file format providing the ability to freely interact with a track’s four different musical elements – such as drums, bass, keys and vocals. Each stem’s volume, filter, and effects settings can be controlled independently to create instant new mixes, mashups, instrumentals, a cappellas, and more. Since Stems was announced in May 2015, six major online retailers Beatport, Bleep, Juno, Traxsource, whatpeopleplay, and Wasabeat have officially begun stocking hundreds of releases from prominent artists and labels in Stems format on their respective sites. From some of 2015’s biggest albums to favorite hits, the list of labels releasing in Stems format is continuously growing. Some quotes from leading early adopters and online stores:

Beatport – Clark Warner (Executive Creative Director): “Native Instruments’ Stems format is a groundbreaking step in the evolution of DJ technology, and Beatport is proud to feature tracks using the technology. Hundreds of tracks from the likes of Joris Voorn, M.A.N.D.Y., and Kaiserdisco, as well as from labels like Toolroom, Minus, and Spinnin’ Records, are available in the Beatport Pro store today, and we encourage all labels and artists to support this multitrack format going forward.”

Traxsource – Brian Tappert: “NI has launched exactly the right product at exactly the right time. Traxsource is behind Stems 100 percent and we are extremely excited by the possibilities.”

Label Worx (UK) “Label Worx is very excited to be part of this great new format for the launch. We are fully supporting this new format with our Distribution, Promo and Mastering service all ready for the launch date. We believe there is a lot of potential in this new format and are excited to be part of it.”

Paradise Distribution (Germany) “The NI Stems format is a radical but logical step towards the next level of creativity & exploitation.”

Symphonic Distribution (USA) “Native Instruments is no stranger to amazing innovation and they’ve stepped it up a notch with the new Stems initiative. With the download market in a state of decline, they’ve created a new and effective method for many Djs and Producers to make revenue but also for fans of these Djs and Producers to be able to express themselves through music in ways that nobody has been able to emulate. We’re extremely thrilled to be a part of Native Instruments’ Stems project and will definitely see a lot of the music industry in terms of EDM going this route as this truly is something that we think will not only grow, but become MASSIVE.”

Finetunes (Germany): “As one of the leading distributors of Electronic music, finetunes is thrilled to be part of the Stems launch. The potential we have already seen in Traktor Remix Sets has now, with Stems, been taken to the a whole new level – providing an exciting tool for professional and bedroom DJs and live performing artists alike. We are looking forward to a whole new business opportunity evolving around this new audio format and will be encouraging and supporting our artists and labels to help them get involved with Stems.”

The rapidly growing Stems community will come together at www.stems-music.com and followers get the latest news via hashtag #playstems. For more information and to see the new file format put in action by leading DJs, go here.

George Clinton Spent 3M & Refuses To Stop Fight With Record Labels

George Clinton Spent 3M & Refuses To Stop Fight With Record Labels.

“I (George Clinton) want to be known as the man who brought to the attention of America the copyright issues. That’s what I would like my legacy to be, to have turned people on to the fact that they need to fight for the rights to their music.”

He shouldn’t have to be doing this, nor should any artist. Sadly, though, it seems to be the only way to get what’s yours. I’m rooting for him! (probably not only for altruistic reasons, either, to be honest… )

Bad 25 | ARTE

Bad 25 | ARTE.

I’ve watched this before, but even upon second time it gives me goosebumps from the cranial section of my head all over my body right down to my feet. And tears. He was the biggest, greatest artist at least in my lifetime – maybe of them all. Steve Jobs said “You’re here to make a dent in the universe”. To me, Michael Jackson left his footprint and legacy to last for all eternity. R.I.P., MJ!