Everything is Terrific: The Bandcamp 2016 Year in Review « Bandcamp Daily

And now some genuinely great news in an otherwise unremarkable week.

Source: Everything is Terrific: The Bandcamp 2016 Year in Review « Bandcamp Daily

Per above article The Bandcamp 2016 Year in Review I feel reaffirmed in my decision to have pulled my music from iTunes, Amazon and the likes, where service and commission fees would leave next to nothing for me with an already meager number of overall downloads (Smooth Jazzers don’t seem to appreciate downloading music all that much, but seem to prefer meeting the artists in person at concerts, Jazz festvials and music cruises, shake hands, take the selfie, purchase a CD and have it signed by the artist while enjoying the company of other SJ fans along with a weekend trip or a small vacation. I think I have learned that). While the rest of the industry seems to push for subscription services and get everyone lured into that business model, I think I concur with Bandcamp’s analysis as to what it will do to the music business in general and the artist in particular on a longterm basis. And although I’d still consider myself a person, who embraces technology to the point of being an “early adopter” in certain regards, I think that at least music lovers from my generation still prefer holding a physical item in their hands, be it a Vinyl or CD or some other media that they feed into a playback device of some sort (with the upper end of that spectrum being audiophiles, of course, who spend some thousands of dollars on high-end HiFi-equipment.)

I have a feeling that 2017 will be interesting with regard to music lovers’ listening modalities. And I’m looking forward to whatever Bandcamp have lined up for us, of course 🙂

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