The Things We Learn…

Huh. Awkward. Today I was ready to diss one of my Jazz heroes for all eternity:

Werner Nieke – Branford Marsalis – you just earned yourself the….

That was after reading the first source which his – mutilated – interview appeared in. What began to stand out there for me was an artist who had no trouble dissing his fellow artists or emerging colleagues for being in a different place than the one he’s in. Tasted really sour on my – intellectual – taste buds and I was appalled.

Branford Marsalis – you just earned yourself the title “King of Uncool” for me – for all eternity. Slaughtering a 16-year-old in public and on stage in order to teach him a life lesson? Well… go … naw, wait. Let’s find “medicinal” uses for your saxophone, M.F.!!!! Un-effin-believable! I thank God, I’m not that young man’s father….

That’s the status line I published on Facebook after having read that first source. But for some reason that didn’t sit well with me. I mean – I was getting likes and responses as we type, so if I had been looking for affirmation, I could have kicked back, opened that beer, fried those wings, turned on the porn and relaxed… But something bugged me. Seriously? An artist who’s capable of nuking your soul for the very lines and phrases he plays – turns out to be a poor bully? Bullying kids after all? For real now? Is there no hope in this world anymore?

So I looked for that purported event on Google, which was referenced in the first interview. And found – this. The interview in its entirety and not mutilated down to one questionable paragraph, which turns out to be completely taken out of context. Wow! Ok, that makes sense again…

Bottomline: Research. And gut feeling. Always and forever. (another eternity for me? Ooops, that might get tricky….) And: I think, this is an apology.


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