Alice Francis – Big Daddy Santa Claus

There are two faces to every coin, I’m aware. The geek in me loves the creative and playful approach by which Alice Francis go about their Neo Swing repertoire. It blows my mind how latest technology replicates – or rather: recreates – the sound of a Swing Big Band and how only three talented musicians command the “musical arsenal” that would have required a room full of people back in the day (on a side note: It reminds me a bit of Manhattan Transfer’s “Whacky Dust” back in the late 70ies, when synthesizers started dominating Pop music production).

The questioning mind in me fears a bit for musicians becoming obsolete in the process. With the advent of cheap storage media holding terrabytes of data, quick and affordable access to digital libraries that seem to contain the equivalent of decades of studio recordings and with the internet as a largely free-of-charge distribution channel, it seems as if the hands-on skills of musicians learning to master their instruments became an ever-vanishing dying art. On the other hand: So long as prodigies of this caliber have an audience, I guess there is no need to despair, isn’t there? 😉

(1) Alice Francis.


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