James Colah’s New single ‘Trippin On Your Smile’ Available as of Now

James Colah ProductionsJames Colah:

“Dear Friends. I’m really excited to showcase a personalised version of my new single, ‘Trippin On Your Smile’ released 13 January, 2015. I hope you like it and will support me by downloading it from many online stores including cdbaby, iTunes, Amazon, etc or directly from my website, http://www.jamescolahproductions.com/shop http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/thejamescolahproject4

Here’s an awesome review by Dale Berg of 96.9 The Oasis The worlds smooth jazz place.

The ever impressive composer, record producer, keyboards player and UK’s #1 independent Smooth Jazz artiste James Colah has once again got me trippin on his latest single called ‘Trippin On Your Smile’ and that is definitely what I found myself doing! Almost everything on this song (including vocals) was composed, performed, produced, mixed and mastered by James at his James Colah Productions Studio. The pure genius guitar work comes from Cameron Pierre who is better known as the guitarist with UK’s legendary (CBE and OBE honoured) sax man Courtney Pine. This single took me on a trip to some exotic place on a beach with my toes in the sand looking out on a beautiful ocean with not a care in the world. It was a great escape that I can take again and again every time I listen to this song. Very rarely do I experience this kind of reaction to a song, but this NEW single from James Colah could be, I feel his best so far. He’s set the bar pretty high, in fact this track took me higher than his previous hit single ‘Take Me Higher’. This is exactly what I would expect from London born James Colah who has once again displayed his talent with this impressive release. James Colah sent me a pre-release copy to check out and all I kept saying to myself was “OMG, THIS IS AWESOME!” I also love the way the flute and vibe sounds compliment the track perfectly. The finished product is a work of art like a painting that paints a picture in your mind, which this song will do. ‘Trippin On Your Smile’ is nothing short of what I’ve come to expect from this incomparable smooth jazz artist. This single is a must download and I’m privileged to be able to add it to the playlist on my station. Dale Berg 96.9 The Oasis – The World’s Smooth Jazz Place www.969theoasis.org

Very well put, I’d say and I couldn’t agree more! Naturally, being a guitarist myself, I totally treasure the excellent work contributed by Cameron Pierre, who put his particular flavor of icing on an already deliciously sounding cake, figuratively speaking! This might well become the next Smooth Jazz charts topping song, James Colah! Amazing work!


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