Worldwide Press Coverage on the 4th Stop of the Orange Piano Tour | wesboundmusic

Over the past week following Stefan’s successful flying carpet ride and landing at Munich Airport to perform the Munich Airport Soca, I’ve done my best to collect media feedback that spread quickly and internationally, showing either that picture with Stefan on the flying carpet set against the backdrop of the “white blue Bavarian” sky or even publishing video clips and TV reports of this story. As Facebook seems to be the predominant social media site, where “it all happens”, I’ve placed my finds of international reporting to my own Facebook page’s timeline and/or Stefan’s and the band’s members profiles (see drummer Steve’s wall and bassist Kevin’s). If you click below widget, you’ll land on my Facebook page, where you get to check out the posts and statuses of the past week, most of them referring to one or the other story that “aired” on behalf of this once-in-a-lifetime event. Check it out, if so inclined!

(P.S. This blog is hosted on – it is possible that the widget doesn’t appear here for technical constraints imposed on this kind of hosting. If that’s the case, simply follow one of the links to my Facebook page above, which will land you in the right spot, too)


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