The “Orange Piano” Right Before Lift-Off @ Airport Munich

Das “Orange Piano” steht kurz vor dem Start -… – Flughafen München.

Whoa man!!! What an experience! I wouldn’t have believed it, if I hadn’t been there and been a part of the entire show! Stefan Aaron got hoisted up via helicopter, sitting atop a platform shaped like a flying carpet and being brought in on the Northern runway at Terminal 1, Munich Airport – what a sight! What a show! The energy and vibe was off the hook! And the weather conditions couldn’t have been any better today!

Can’t wait to see the official footage from the cameras that captured the whole thing! There were some 30 press and TV people invited along with select VIP guests, who witnessed the entire thing. I hear, there’ll be a video report on Deutsche Welle by tomorrow 6.30 p.m. Should be interesting to see, how this will be covered in the news! 🙂

In any case – this was a unique once-in-a-lifetime experience! And I’m real honored and glad to be a part of it! Had some really nice conversations at the aftershow party and made some nice new friends, too! The summer of 2014 is being good to me! 😀

Here’s a first international report:

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