Munich Airport: Stefan Aaron performs on the piano while airborne on a flying carpet – SPIEGEL ONLINE (in German) – SPIEGEL ONLINE

Flughafen München: Stefan Aaron spielt Klavier auf fliegendem Teppich – SPIEGEL ONLINE.

fliegender teppich, stefan aaron

Haaaa!!! I can barely believe that I’m actually going to be there LIVE (and play a part in the video) when Stefan will come in on a flying carpet-shaped platform, suspended on eight ropes, each 120 ft. long and attached to a helicopter that’s going to approach one of the major runways at airport Munich and he’ll perform while airborne! That’s a first in human history, a true world premiere! B.t.w.: Next to the image embedded with the article, I’ve looked at other photos from the test flight, which are still confidential material for now. I’ll say this much, though: Hats off to Stefan for being bold like this! This is going to be a sensation! But not only that: It’s also a moving, sweet idea to make a dream come true for a lot of people, who may have always dreamt of riding a flying carpet! The suspense is almost killing me, LOL!


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