Ill be in a Music Video

I’ll be in a Music Video.

Hey there,
here’s some news: Wow – this is a little crazy, exciting, honoring, scary – all at once! A few days ago, a musician friend posted an ad on his Facebook wall by which an artist looked for musicians to appear in a music video for his latest track, which will premier on July 21st 2014 at Munich Airport, Germany. To give you an idea of what all this is about, please find these two web adresses:
and for my German speaking fans also this:

In a nutshell: Stefan Aaron started “The Orange Piano” Tour project about three years ago following his idea to bring his orange colored piano to unusual, highly elevated locations around the world and perform a special tribute song in each of those locations. If you go to his website, you’ll see previous “stopovers” and a bit of behind the scenes footage of the making of previous videos.

On July 21st, a world premiere will take place at one of the runways at Munich Airport: Stefan will be brought in on a custom-built “flying carpet” platform, hoisted up in the air by a helicopter with a second helicopter filming his airborne perfomance while they are approaching the runway. On the ground, a group of dancers and a band will perform his “Munich Airport Soca Song“, which he wrote for this particular event. And guess, who’ll be manning the guitar and helping in rehearsing and putting the band together? Yup, you guessed it right. It’s going to be this semi-disappeared fella going by the name of wesbound. 🙂

As I’m learning the songs and helping Stefan getting the music side of this project pulled off, I am suddenly found by a number of emotions I had pushed down for the longest time. Let’s just say that the personal significance of this entire thing is a lot bigger than what it might appear like to the unassuming observer. However, this is not about me. Let’s look forward to an exciting day of shooting a video of an uplifting, great song bringing the feel of the Soca to Germany!

I’ll keep you posted on further news!

wesbound, July 2014


  1. Thank you kindly, Stefan! First things first: Let’s get that video shoot pulled off successfully – and then I might be game for whatever follows! 😉 Thanks again!


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