The Power of Soul: Max Merseny live at Fischer’s Ammersee

power of soul, max merseny

Two and half hours of high-energy live playing outdoors at one of the finest beergardens around the vicinity, Fischer’s Ammersee, delivered to your ear drums by Max Merseny appearing with a 3-piece-band/trio also featuring Matthias Bublath on organ and Oscar Maria Graf on drums. The weather conditions were perfect for a relaxed Saturday afternoon with snacks, drinks, comfty lounge chairs and pillows, all this set against the breathtaking backdrop of the scenic view overlooking Ammersee from it’s northmost point Stegen.

It was great to see Max introduce the audience to his music and mc his way through their repertoire of original material with some interpretations of groove hits like e.g. “Can’t Hide Love” by Earth, Wind & Fire. “Performing as a trio is the supreme discipline”, says Max when mentioning to him during intermission that the trio sounds like a full band – thanks to Matthias Bublath’s efficient left hand work by which he replaced a bass player in the most authentic form possible in this setting and not shying away from hauling a real Leslie cabinet on stage in order to get a full sounding sonic experience. Oscar Maria Graf played a compact drum kit and kept a fierce, meticulous beat while grooving along with Max’s material, now spanning three albums of groove Jazz dipped with tinges of Hip Hop and Rap, usually delivered by Roger Rekless on the decks.

By the second set the audience spanning all ages couldn’t help but rock and bounce and swing and clap to the irresistible mélange of genres, while Max gave it his all with every single tune, never appearing to repeat a single melody pattern or line, always surprising with fresh scales and rhythms. It was pleasing to see his efforts being met with raw enthusiasm around the end of the second set (German audiences typically take a bit longer to open up to the artist… 🙂 ). To sum it up, it migh be safe to say that Max firmly put himself on the map with music loving beergarden patrons and is likely to be remembered by those who were lucky enough to attend a great outdoors concert. Here’s to many more such tour dates, leading up to his hosting of Munich Jazz Summer Week at Jazzclub Unterfahrt in September 2014, where Max will present his body of work including his latest album “Everlasting“. Don’t miss it!

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