Closure #1

I also – and surprisingly so – realized per my post that I now have closure. All I ever wanted for myself music wise was to see my name appear in the liner notes of a major project. With my name being among all the fine talent on this CD, I can now let this idea of being a pro musician again go. I wanna thank Brian for having made this possible. I really didn’t see it comin’ until just now, but it’s good.

Dreams in Color CD, Brian O'Neal, Liner Notes


  1. Closure? I dont think so Dub. I’ve already started on new material. Mostly single songs for myself and other individuals. I’m not done with you homey. I’ll be sending you more stuff soon. Just add the Wesbound Dub to it and send back. BAM!!! POW!!! 🙂



  2. Will try my best, Brian. There are days, when the music in me goes silent (which was new and came as a shock).


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