▶ Giannis Karadimos – Seven Days – YouTube

▶ Looking The Sky(demo version 2008) – YouTube.

Open stage night at Kongress Bar again tonight, hosted by Adriano Prestel, Munich’s /Germany’s badest bad-ass vocalist you’ll come across. Hanging out with friends and huge music proponents. The band opened the night with a mix of groove-oriented songs, some straight Rock music, some Reggae – and then the stage was open to the musicians who had showed up to sit in.

My personal discovery tonight: Giannis Karadimos. Dexterity galore blending in with a rich foundation of styles and other players he seemlessly channels during his solos, while being a most confident, routined side man with the music that was spontaneously counted off during the set. Words really escape me this time, when listening to his YouTube channel. He goes about his compositions and solos with so much raw energy as well as an unintimidated approach to trying just about everything that comes to his musical mind and his fingers that must result in your jaw dropping. I couldn’t help thinking “Michael Landau” all the time – maybe also for looking a little bit like the first – but more so because sound and feel to the guitar as well as compositional style are somewhat reminiscent.

Be that, as it may – don’t miss him. Lovers of the electric guitar are very likely to  appreciate what he does. I can’t wait to hear more of him now. Enjoy!


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