Pono Music – Where Your Soul Rediscovers Music by the PonoMusic Team — Kickstarter

Music publisher and radio host Tom Glagow found this article on a kickstarter campaign that’s said to put the emotion back into the music listening experience:

Pono Music – Where Your Soul Rediscovers Music by the PonoMusic Team — Kickstarter.

Apparently, the basic idea of Pono Music is that with the highly compressed MP3 format, a lot of the original listening experience known from the Vinyl era gets lost. While music having gone digital has brought about a lot of convenience, both in managing a music library and in obtaining the tracks (via digital download of some kind), the original feeling of “oooohhhhh” got lost along the way. That may be one of the reasons that turned music into a commodity that ranges anywhere between the fruit you put into the blender for your home made smoothie and the key finder you keep somewhere in the hallway.

Pono Music intend to change that and put the emotion back into this experience that has become more background ambience than bold avantgarde. The founders claim that high resolution digital files work those emotional strings in the listener in the same or a similar way we – the older ones among us at least – remember from going to see a concert or listen to vinyls on our sophisticated home stereo systems. So apparently, it’s not only about the use of available technology, but also about something on top if audio geekery. Early testimonials from co-founders and supporting artists seem to reveal an experience that stands out from your regular MP3-/iPhone/iPad listening experience. What is more, the entire concept is based on a homogenous “ecosphere” of technology, delivery of content as well as suitable player devices. For those of us, who saw the introduction of the iTunes Music Store, this sounds a little bit like a pimped rerun of the first. However – listening to music is and was a subjective experience by “definition”. In other words: A very human-like one. So, I guess, we’ll be able to tell once we get to take a listen ourselves. In any case: Allt this is likely to come as good news for your avid audiophile.


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