C3S – Your GEMA Alternative after 2014

This is going to be an alternative and competitor to the current monopoly of collecting society GEMA in Germany. Most of you will only know GEMA from those annoying blocking messages when locating certain YouTube videos, which go back to a legal dispute between Google (who own YouTube) and GEMA, where the two parties can’t seem to find a mutually acceptable solution as to the percentage of generated (ad) income that should go to the legal copyright holders of copyrighted material (like e.g. music).

C3S’s business model is going to allow for more flexibility in licensing and collection of royalties for all of its members. The downside for now is that C3S is not in operation yet, pending approval by Deutsches Patent- und Markenamt (DPMA). According to their below linked website, they are expected to become fully operational some time in 2015, but will hand in their application with DPMA in 2014. But supporters and artists interested in taking advantage of the services of a collecting society whose founders understand and reflect the challenges of the digital age in the way they set up and offer said services to their members, can register now and immediately start using those services already in place.

A one time initial fee of 50,- EUR applies upon registration. Future membership fees will only be charged when the registered member sees any returns from licensing and collecting of royalties. In other words: If you make some money with their help, they’ll take out their membership fee from that. If you don’t make any money, you’ll still remain a member based on the initial one time payment, as far as I understand their policy correctly.

But see for yourselves:

(2) C3S.


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