Lefsetz Letter: Art, Not Business

Found this on TJ Scrugg’s Facebook wall (below Lefsetz letter, I mean). My response to this? I was a musician first, with aspirations of becoming an artist/composer. I settled for a conventional life style in the past 25 years and it has eaten my soul. I’m trying to resuscitate the artist/musician/composer part of me and attempt to use what I’ve learned while running with the pack of wolves (a.k.a. business people). Now I seem to zero in on realizing: I’ll never be anywhere near being or becoming an artist again (if I ever was one to begin with or want to become one any longer, the jury’s still out on that), if I don’t manage to send the damn businessman into the desert – where he belongs along with every businessman that was or gets born. If we learn anything from “business”, it’s this: It took the world to where we are now – one hair away from extinction.

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