iTunes, Amazon et al. – bye-bye!

Today I received the annual renewal notifiction from my profile. One of my first songs – actually the first one I released some years back – is due for its renewal fee of 9.99 $

After having made my music available via Tunecore in 2008 and having tried to generate a modest revenue from downloads, where the latter tanked beyond my imagination or words for it, I decided that there simply isn’t a point to keep it available there any longer. It’s been a “break even” game from the get-go and never amounted to more. Maybe I could and should have pushed it harder, but tooting my own horn really isn’t my forte. So I’m going to let this renewal lapse as well as the other prompts that are due in a little bit.

However, my meager number of tracks is going to remain available on Keeping them around there doesn’t cost a thing until some sales – in numbers that justify the wording – are being generated. Free listening samples will continue to be available here on my blog and over at bandcamp. Should you, my inclined visitor and listener, decided to go for a legal download-purchase, the minimum price is your typical 1,- $ (I did not go for the 0.99… I think that’s ridiculous, we all know that this is pretty much a dollar), the entire EP for 4.99. Upon payment, several formats are available, amongst them a higher resolved, better sounding one than MP3. You also get to enter a price of your own choosing that goes beyond this minimum price. There are other advantages over iTunes and the known stores for me. Purchasing happens via secure online transaction with your credit card or debit card.

Anyway – I thought, I’d let you know in case you were looking for me on iTunes and Amazon after February/March/May 2014.
My heartfelt thanks to all of you who have supported me by downloading and purchasing so far or otherwise promoting my music! I very much appreciate you support!

w., January 2014


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