Cricket Song – at the Speed of Humans

This is simply breathtaking and beyond awesome: Jim Wilson went out one night and made ” target=”_blank”>a recording of crickets singing, then came back, loaded the recording into the computer and duplicated the track. One track is left the way it was recorded, but the second track is stretched out to the equivalent of a cricket’s life in human terms, in other words: Wilson took the original waveform and stretched it to a measure that is equivalent to the average time a human life lasts. And what you hear above is the result of this experiment! A full choir in harmony with melody, counterpart, multi-timbral and anything but random! Never ceases to amaze me how the tiniest shift in perspective brings about a whole new dimension of looking at the bigger picture we all live in. Wow! Thanks to my friend Hugh on Facebook for finding and sharing this awesome piece of “Wowzer!”

(More information on Wilson and this experiment here at this link)

P.S. OK, just found there’s more to it than meets the eye (or ear for that matter). Still pretty fascinating, though, isn’t it?


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