Adding a streamed audio URL to your iTunes 11 Playlist

The internet never ceases to surprise: I uploaded a “micro tutorial” a while back and it shows how to add a streamed audio file – like e.g. an internet radio station – to one of your personal playlists in order to have quicker access than going through iTunes’ preselection of streaming internet radio stations (there are hundreds…). This little clip leads over all others I’ve ever posted in terms of viewers having watched i, huh! (and *sniff* re: my music video LOL ). Per frequent request, I just finished uploading and adding captions to the updated video, making up for the user interface modifications in iTunes 11, which left some of us dumbfounded in the beginning (like when you move to a new city and need to find out, where all the infrastructure is, supermarket, pharmacy, bus stop etc.). Without further ado:


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