A Superstar in the Making: Torsten Goods, Love Comes To Town – ACT Music – In the spirit of jazz

Love Comes To Town – CD – Torsten Goods at ACT Music – In the spirit of jazz.

I’m totally looking forward to seeing Torsten Goods perform at Bürgersaal Feldafing this coming Saturday! Much like above linked PR info and album liner notes already describe, Torsten Goods manages to blend all the iconic guitar talent that clearly informs and defines his style into the one homogenous phenomenon that he is: Passion meets a rich music foundation meets precise delivery and solid, thoroughly honed chops, which he presents with an innocent joyfulness reminiscent of children at play – it’s no surprise that press tout him as a performer with “talent galore”. But his talents don’t stop there, seeing as he wrote seven out of the total of 14 songs himself, which made the cut from no less than 40 original compositions, all of which he has written over the course of roughly two years that took him away from his current city Berlin to London in an endeavour to expose himself to a new environment and new inspiration to draw from.

Above introduction to Good’s latest work is a mindblowing read of a fast started career that kicked into higher gear from one year to the next. It is all the more remarkable in this context that Goods afforded himself a two-year hiatus prior to his current release in order to reexamine the trajectory his musical path followed and in order to possibly reassess where he was going. We feel delighted as well as relieved to hear him say about this CD that the Jazz club circuit is where his heart is and that Love Comes to Town is so far the most authentic and complete rendition of his artist personality. It gets almost scary to fathom the future material he might come up with after treating us to an effort that already sounds so mature, so well-balanced and at the same time relaxed that you can’t help but arrive at the feeling you’re listening to an all-time classic that’s been around forever, leaving its well deserved mark on music history as it weaves an effortless thread throughout the different musical eras and styles Goods boasts as his musical education. Well, as far as we’re concerned: Love Came to Town and firmly claimed its place in our collection of all time favorites!

For more information, follow above links and see his touring schedule.

(Images and linked copy courtesy of ACT Music, copyrights remain with their respective owners. Copy as published here © W. Nieke, 11/2013)


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