Brian O’Neal: Dreams in Color – CD and 20-City-Tour Crowdfunding Campaign

Hi there,

as a regular follower of my blog, Facebook page or profile, G+ account, Reverbnation profile, Soundcloud wall, YouTube channel, Twitter and MySpace (and a few minor ones next to those), you may have come to know me via a music and video collaboration with US artist Brian O’Neal back in 2009 he kindly invited me to. Little could I have known what would come of this: A significant YouTube hit, a 501c certified humanitarian organization named after Brian’s late Grandmother Daisy O’Neal called the DO Foundation, Brian’s already and richly existing fan base of music lovers flocking to my Facebook wall upon his generous sharing of collaboration credits and most importantly a humanitarian success story that’s not only an inspiration for many, but makes a difference for many people on a daily basis. I will never forget the moment of realizing this about Brian: “This man doesn’t waste time talking, he’s serious about walking his talk!” I could barely believe my eyes when I saw him appear in the video himself – not only as an extra or directing the shoot, but actually and truthfully living among the homeless for no less than two weeks with only a few dollars in his pocket in case of life-threatening emergencies, his cell phone for the same reason and his car keys – none of which he used during this experience that yielded him the first hand experience he required from himself in order to understand homelessness – not the concept or idea of it, but feeling it from one day to the next! (I am aware that the critics will still say: “But he never truly was homeless, he had a home to return to.” Yes, but on the other hand: How many of us notice a homeless person in the streets to begin with, let alone volunteer to undergo an experience like this in order to understand homelessness – and then DO Something about it?!)

The DO Foundation with their steadily growing number of volunteers both in Detroit and across the nation is a direct result of this project. They have come a long way since then, became established as an official 501c organization and have appeared on national TV and major news sites on a semi-regular basis.

In addition to that, Brian’s already existing reputation as an internationally performing artist both as keyboardist for KEM as well as having become a major act himself and taking center stage at – amongst others – Catalina Jazz Festival have helped to make ‘the DO’ known to people way beyond the Greater Detroit area.

And now we’re on the verge of yet another major treat closing in on completion: The Dreams in Color CD and 20-city-US-tour! And you can help to make it happen! Find Brian’s crowdfunding campaign on by clicking this link, take a minute to watch the video, where Brian explains the project and shares further details on how it all works. Then find the contribution amount that suits you best in the right navigation area and follow the on-screen instruction to place your pledge. You have now joined the existing crowd of supporters already on board! In addition to being rewarded with the perk you selected – and great music is a default part of whatever package you choose for! – you are also helping to make the world a better place by supporting the ensuing concert tour, the profits of which will help the DO Foundation spread across the nation!

DO Something for yourselves and the people – become a DO’er today!


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