What Making Lemonade from Lemons actually encompasses…

lemonade weekend 2.0On show night, all you – the music lover and we’re glad you’re here! – see is this: The venue, the stage, the artist, your hotel room, the block your hotel is on, the roster of artists, maybe nearby places to dine out prior to show, things like that. Behind the scenes, there are: Negotiations, schedule conflicts, potential visa issues, travel plans, possible travel discounts, general considerations, sponsors to talk to, service providers (like catering) to consider, numbers to crunch, in other words: LOTS of planning ahead and thinking of the GAZILLION what-if’s that might factor in!!! A good show is way more than just the performer and the venue – and the audience. It is months and months of thorough planning and getting things sorted out!!! That’s what making it happen takes! And if all goes well, you’re in for a LOT of major treats: http://www.lemonadeweekend2.com/events


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