wesboundmusic now hosted on nieke.de, my own domain

wesbound self-hosted

I’m feeling a moment of minor accomplishment for having moved and restored my wordpress blog from wordpress.com to my own domain nieke.de. In other words, if you now type http://nieke.de into your web browser’s address bar – what’s that? Looks like this – and hit the ‘enter’ key, you’ll be presented with my wesboundmusic blog, which runs as a self-hosted service as of now. It took a while to get this accomplished due to technical problems on the web provider’s part and – in all honesty – some mental lapses and glitches on my part. But with some diligence and patience, we got it all sorted out (I had to start from scratch though, which wasn’t too big a problem as I had all content exported to an XML file, which served as a backup). I now plan on making this a multi-blog site, which wordpress call a network. That means, I get to register new blogs using wordpress’ graphic user interface, the dashboard, and it pretty much works in similar ways as on wordpress.com, where I will keep a mirror of my self-hosted blog. Although this all can become terribly tedious and sometimes cumbersome borderline stupid work, I enjoy the result of now having one central “web nucleus” to populate the bulk of my social media hangouts from (blogroll will follow). In other words: Post once, read “everywhere”. Something like that. Should substantially cut down on time to keep it all up to date (or so I hope… ;))

Hope, you like the my “abode on the web” 🙂

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