In Memoriam: George Duke

Since I have trouble wrapping my mind and heart around the untimely passing of yet another one of my alltime musical heroes, I take the liberty of reblogging Katherine Gilraine’s eulogy on George Duke’s passing. So much great music that he left for us to keep enjoying with an even more finely tuned ear now. R.I.P. George Duke.

Improvisations on Reality

George DukeGeorge Duke, the incomparable jazz/funk legend, passed away yesterday.

The first time I met him was the 2010 Capital Jazz cruise, and the number-one thing I will always think of is that he was always smiling. Always. But man, let him loose on that stage and he will, without fail, blow you away.

He’d always joke that his music is a “gumbo” and he was exactly right. It’s a little bit of everything: jazz, funk, R&B, Brazilian bossa nova – mixed and shaken up. His is the sort of music that stands out simply because it’s full of the same smiling, happy energy that he always carried in person.

This photo is from the 2012 cruise. I’m happy to have seen him after that, at the Blue Note with Stanley Clarke.

In Memoriam, friend. Thanks for the laughs, the amazing music, and the lunch hour chats on the Carnival ships…

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  1. So very sad… I first wrote to him as a teenager in the 1970’s and I still have the reply.. his music has been the soundtrack of my life..RIP


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