Extension of Song on iTunes, Amazon et al

I hate soliciting. While I am happy to support other people’s causes and projects here and there, I hate to do that on my own behalf. However, I must if another one of my tunes is supposed to remain available on iTunes, Amazon and other common digital stores, the latter more or less for reasons of exposure and wider availability. (it’s like having a spot on a Macy’s shelf at a major urban mall or something…). I am subscribed to some of the major digital stores, like iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Spotify – to name just a few – via Tunecore.com as I found their distribution model to be transparent, easy to understand and – well at the time – fairly o.k. in pricing. They charge a flat fee per song per year for distribution on up to 20 different stores including those stores’ national outlets, which multiplies that number significantly. This flat fee is due for this song:

If you enjoy, what you’re hearing, then please consider following the link above in the player to purchase a digital copy of it. I need about 10 copies to get to keep the song available on above named popular stores. I personally prefer selling via bandcamp as their distribution model is even more fair to the artist. However and like I said – exposure on iTunes, Amazon etc. adds “credibility”. I’m not going to argue on the latter and simply accept the terms and rules 😉 Thanks for your support, I appreciate it!


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