This was an incredibly inspiring, wonderful music night at nearby music stage and event location Inninger Spectacel! I saw and listened to Sollymusic, who performed from her two CDs along with bassist and singer Michael Eichele. I was completely taken aback by the musical dexterity and talent in both artists! Solly knows how to throw down a solid groove, her songwriting teems with nifty chord progressions going way beyond what you might expect when seeing a girl with an acoustic guitar: Major 7th, seventh sharp 9th and all kinds of jazzy chords emanated from the six strings, interspersed with slide guitar solos, harmonics and all kinds of musical dexterity that speaks of an artist who got her chops down solid. Ok, when reading her bio it should have occurred to me that we were about to be served an extra treat, who has shared the stage and toured with the likes of Fools Garden, John Lee Hooker Jr., Marla Glen and Keb Mo’. However, I couldn’t have been prepared for the amount of musical talent in both artists that night. For the proof: They covered Michael Jackson, Eric Clapton, George Michael in the last set and encores and the way they presented those songs wouldn’t let you miss the original version. Really special! I’m so glad I went! Seeing this reminded me of the passion I’ve always had for music and rekindled said passion for at least an evening. What a treat! Thanks to Paul Elsperger for bringing in such wonderful talent and for running an accessible, appreciated music venue with a loyal audience, who haven’t forgotten how to really listen!

!!! Solly !!! Mittwoch, 19.06.2013, ab 20.00 Uhr


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    Saw a very inspiring concert in an intimate setting tonight. Truckloads of talent in only two artists, a bass, a guitar, two mics. A miracle night. And I’ve met some very kind people. I’m very grateful tonight.


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