Michael Cretu and Other Short Stops on Memory Lane

Another trip down memory lane triggered by reading this wikipedia entry:

Michael Cretu – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

I remember meeting Michael Cretu in 1987 when I was an intern with AKAI Professional. One day our head of distribution came into the office, all glee with pride to have Mr. Cretu visit the German distribution offices in Karlsfeld, and had me draft an endorsement contract for him in English. (While I was working there, next to my regular chores I translated the bulk of all business communication with Japan headquarters and was often called upon by one of the managers, which is probably why he trusted me with this task of writing up the endorsement agreement). As I sat there typing up the list of equipment Mr. Cretu would walk out with, I must admit that my heart was bleeding with … uhm, not exactly envy, but some kind of daydreaming or longing. For as long as I can remember, I would have loved to see myself in exactly the role Mr. Cretu had in his music projects: Composer & creative lead, producer and general project lead with a number of record breaking hit projects he produced back in the day. That’s where I was silently headed – or so I thought 😉

I had applied for the job with AKAI Professional coming from a reasoning that I might find opportunities to make good contacts into the professional music production and recording scene, thus following an inner roadmap of hopefully becoming a session musician and co-writer/co-producer at some point. Mr. Cretu however had all major talent of the time already on speed dial, so he didn’t exactly need me. Plus, I didn’t have enough time with him to discretely and considerately enquire about such options. What he rather needed from me was this endorsement contract while he was given the company tour and later did his “shopping” in the warehouse (which was the other part of that job I was to take care of that day ;-)). Over the months I worked there, I did connect with a few major names in the music scene, though, amongst others Michael Busse, their former keyboardist for Munich based Pop-Rock band Spider Murphy Gang, who was in the process of tracking for a solo album after having left the band a short while prior to being introduced to him. When he visited us on a different day, we kind of got along fairly well and I found the courage to actually approach him about my plans, which in turn led to him inviting me for a collaboration at this home studio, where he worked on said solo project.

The rest of the time there is a blur, as I desperately wanted to get away from the company as soon as another valid option presented itsself for me. I cut that time short though by quitting after six months, when my own big head got in the way of the bigger animals at the company. I think I just fast-forwarded what would have happened anyway, which is getting fired sooner or later. Luckily, after a series of odd jobs, I soon landed me a year-round gig with a touring band based in Switzerland and made a very nice living from performing with them.

Oh well… Sweet memory lane 😉

Recording at Powerplay Studios


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