Fritz Brause 48 – YouTube

Wow! This is a total trip down memory lane! A Facebook friend just posted this video on his wall and it reminded me of this wonderful German act of the late 80ies who rose to quick fame for a very short time via their hit single “Shilly Shally.” Inclined listeners might identify some similarity with bands like e.g. Mezzoforte from Iceland, who were influential to the genre of Jazz Funk – if not in part originating it along with their US counterparts -, which ironically has found its way into Smooth Jazz as mostly played in the U.S.

I remember how “proud” – for lack of a better word – I was for the mere fact that music like this was played and produced at such a high sonic and professional level in Germany and not just in the U.S. or G.B.! What I mean by this is that I was surprised to find that someone would actually sign a band playing this kind of sophisticated, jazz informed music in a country where more popular music like straight Pop or Rock music dominated the music charts and taste of the general public. Back then, I sooo wished I could have been a part of a band of this caliber instead of performing cover Rock songs out there in the sticks :-)! I always felt stranded, musically speaking, and somehow locked into the wrong environment. I had always wanted to play music with a groove and informed by jazzy chord progressions and solo parts. That’s the whole idea of having resumed writing my own music a few years ago.

Anyway, I’m glad someone found them and posted some of their excellent material on YouTube. When you get a chance, go check them out. Ha – in trying to find out, whether they still have material available, I just found that there still is and they’re also performing on occasion! Awesome!!!


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  1. Thank you for posting this amazing tune. To me this extraordinary music is a world of its own. My world 🙂 And I don’t understand, why most young people nowadays don’t even try to understand the beauty in these melodies.


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