I Count On U – extended on iTunes, Amazon & other Stores

iTunes – Music – I Count On U – Single by Wesbound.

I must be nostalgic by nature: Couldn’t let my first ever digitally released track lapse on iTunes …

Did you know that I wrote the first version of this one some 20 years ago? The only digital standard we had at the time was MIDI (Music Instrument Digital Interface). Direct-to-disc recording happened a little later around the same time, but wasn’t affordable for your typical producer of the day until the introduction of devices like the AKAI hard disc recording system. And today you get to wrap all that into one box and increasingly so onto tablet devices and smartphones. *smh* – the technological leap in my lifetime is mind blowing! Oh, and on a side note: Some 20 years ago I put all the money I ever made into booking studio time to get music recorded the way I had it “playing in my head”. And today, all I have to do is a launch a software application, plug the guitar or keyboard in, connect a mic and get going, at least for preproduction. No more pining to get a recording deal or make friends with the big time producer. 😉 (any of the latter two might still be helpful, though – don’t mean to discredit this option)


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