Of Streaming and Cars | TuneCore Blog

Of Streaming and Cars | TuneCore Blog.

The Tunecore blog has a nice piece about the potential prospects of music streaming in cars, i.e. from your bluetooth-enabled smartphone or mobile music player to your car stereo. As much as I’m an early adopter and embrace new technologies and opportunities as they arise, I see the bright side of this hinging on two variables, which are not in the artist’s favor yet (and you named them yourself): First, car manufacturers have to enable the built-in audio systems to de-tether in the way you describe – and for doing so, someone would have to offer them a nicer deal than car stereo makers – and second, the mass consumption and hence assumend substantial number of streams being served this way will yet have to be seen. While I agree that I listen to a lot of my music in the car and lean toward concurring that many people do so as well, we can only assume that this will take off, right? And third – but this might be in place in the U.S. on a regular basis, I might not be aware of it – the 3G/4G package will have to include a flat fee as far as time and volume of data being served. Where I live and last time I checked, mobile provider contracts typically include sponsorship on the device plus a certain amount of data for free (5 GB typically), after which either bandwidth drops to next to nothing and/or additional expense are being charged per MB downloaded.
I agree, that this _might_ become a valid prospect for artists, both established as well as emerging. At this point, I’m yet curbing my excitement until we have some solid data in.
Another thing I’d really like to understand better is how the tracking of streams served works and whether reporting by cloud service providers is reliable and transparent enough. One can only hope…


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