Songwriters’ Showcase HOA on G+: I’ll go on air in about 3.5 hours from now

Jonathan Blackshire kindly invited me to perform two of my songs on the Songwriters’ Showcase Hangout on Air tonight. I have struggled quite some with finding the best working configuration, but think I found something that’ll work out. When compared to available bandwidth in the U.S., we are almost on the other side of the digital divide over here, at least for some rural parts of the country, which I happen to live in. Upstream is at 1 Mbps tops for me and I hope I’ll have that bandwidth available later tonight (seeing as it’ll be 00.15 am in my timezone, I’m counting on not too much competing traffic around that time).
Other than the technical challenges, I’m thrilled to participate in this and I’m excited over the possibilities technology continues to give us. To think of such an opportunity some 30 years ago, when my passion for music and the music business per se was at its peak, would have been outlandish! And now I get to converse and jam with musicians and music lovers from all around the world! Woohoo, that’s totally amazing!
I’m not sure, whether you need to be registered on G+ to simply watch and follow the event without interaction. I’d say give it try by clicking the link above and saving the URL and time.
See you later? I hope so 🙂


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