Watch ‘Bad 25’, Spike Lee’s Michael Jackson documentary in full | TV Catch-Up | SoulCulture

I’m so glad I found the original version of this Spike Lee directed documentary on the 25th anniversary of the landmark, record breaking album “Bad” by the late Michael Jackson and Quincy Jones as the main producer. I caught the remaining 20 minutes of a 4-hour-“docu-thon” on German TV on New Year’s Eve, but the editing they applied totally watered down the impact watching this had on me! I so vividly remember, how hard I wished to once become a tiny cog in the wheels of such a huge production. In watching this now as a middle aged man as opposed to a twen back then, I realize that my dream was probably a lot bigger than my skills would have allowed for, LOL, but well… dreams’ nature isn’t necessarily one of rationale or logic, is it? Anyway, I couldn’t help but become emotional in places from seeing many of my music heroes collaborate in the most magnificient way and come up with something that turned into this historic phenomenon in music, which I’m sure will never be surpassed by anyone. R.I.P., King of Pop!

Watch 'Bad 25', Spike Lee's Michael Jackson documentary in full | TV Catch-Up | SoulCulture.

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