Sax Prodigy Max Merseny at “Unterfahrt” Munich

This is my little teaser blog on Max Merseny, whom I’m going to see perform live at renowned Jazz club “Unterfahrt” in Munich, Germany, this Thursday night in a series of concerts entitled “Summerweek”. I’m hoping for Lena Semmelroggen to be available, too in order to capture the vibe with her extraordinary eye for those unique little moments on stage and backstage that bring humanity, humour and lightheartedness to a genre that is often portrayed in rather stern ways. As a special treat, another Jazz shooting star will join Max on Wednesday through Saturday: Torsten Goods, a guitar prodigy of equal musical caliber.

Though still young of age, Max already looks back on a career that packs names, schools and projects, which would have lasted others almost an entire life time by now. Growing up in a musical family with his father being a singer and guitar player in many popular orchestras in his day, Max had the opportunity to take piano lessons and attend music schools from very early on. But it wasn’t until 1999 when Max would discover the saxophone for himself while being a student at Pestalozzi Grammar School of Music. While attending lectures there, he studied with renowned masters like e.g. Ingo Erlhoff, Axel Kühn, Peter Kral and Leszek Zadlo. After having graduated from Middle School in 2004, Max was accepted into Munich Academy of Drama and Music – at only 16 years of age. He studied with musicals greats such as Thomas Zoller, Tony Lakatos and Paulo Cardoso in the following years. After having graduated and obtained his musical Diploma in 2008, he became a student of Georg Huebner’s master class while at the same time taking frequent educational trips to New York, where he was being tutored by Jazz veterans ranging from no lesser a man than Bob Franceschini to Gregoire Maret, Steve Slagle and Barry Harris. However, New York wasn’t of high appeal to Max for its rich Jazz tradition only, but also for being the cradle of a newly emerging, revolutionary music culture called HipHop. Next to Soul and R&B, HipHop is Max’s second passion, which he developed and studied from the bottom up. So it might not come as too big a surprise that Max had an opportunity to work and share the stage with a number of nationally as well as internationally acclaimed HipHop acts like e.g. Umi, Roger Rekless, 4zu1, Raggasnoda Click, Main Concept, Boshi San and others. As an ambassador of Soul, Max toured mostly nationally with the “Delicious Groove Gourmets” or the “Capones”. But the list of renowned Jazz stars Max has worked with doesn’t fall behind too far: Patrick Scales, Michael Riessler, Till Brönner, Robby Ameen, Pierre Charial, Leslie Mandoki Soulmates and Manuel Orza to name only a few.

Appearing on enja Records, Max Merseny released his debut album “Thank Y’all” in September 2011, which sports guest appearances by his musician friends Tony Lakatos, Patrick Scales, Roger Rekless and many more. Favourably inclined listeners had been looking forward to a unique blend of Jazz, Soul and HipHop. But while his debut album has been here for barely a year, Max has already set out to new frontiers. He currently resides in New York to work on new material. Jam sessions with such exceptional artists like Ron Grant, Alex Han, Ron Long, Ezra Brown and many more have already yielded inspired and inspiring musical encounters that will have his audiences on their toes as to what Max Merseny’s future releases hold.

For more info and music, find Max at his own website and on Facebook.

Translated from the German by wesbound, September 2012


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