Facebook Fatigue

Today, I’ve been on Facebook for pretty much exactly four years (my current user profile says I’ve joined in July of 2009, but I operated a different account previously, which I deactivated for apparently similar reasons: Fatigue of some of the things that seem to be typical for the social media in general). Initially and following other musicians‘ example, I thought it might be a good way of connecting with musicians and audiences from far and wide and gradually build a fan base. And yes, to a large extent that has worked out. However, there’s a huge price tag on that. And it’s the more or less hidden fallout of dating attempts. I’m totally aware that if approached directly, only few would readily admit to hang out on Facebook for that reason.  But action speaks louder than words and the amount and type of picture postings tell the story, too.

Let me be clear: I hate it. I’m not dating material and I never will be. I don’t do one night stands either. I’m even not too comfortable with the entire “stage hog” requirement when performing live (which is why I haven’t done it in ages). I don’t think I’m a showboater and I don’t like that about the music entertainment industry at all. I put up with it (that’s the past tense) as it’s part of it. I tolerate it, that’s as far as that goes.

I enjoy connecting with people and chatting about music and often all kinds of other things. But let’s keep it at that, shall we? If I had known the outcome, I would have never posted any personal picture. It’s too late now as the damage is already done. But please try to respect my above expressed wish. And like I announced a few days earlier, I am unable to respond to personal communication via FB message system in the future. I’ve been doing that almost excessively in the past 4+ years, responded to everyone, often in detail. I can’t do this any more, as I simply can’t make this much time any more. Don’t take it personal, as it’s not. Thanks for understanding!

w., August 2012


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