Can we make this work?

Brian O'NealI met Brian on Myspace not too long after I registered my account there. This must have been some time in 2008, when I started testing the waters on all things social media. We then connected on Facebook as well and Brian offered me to collaborate on his song Dreams in Color, which kind of took off, especially since Brian added a video to the song, for the shooting of which he himself went homeless for two weeks! I must admit that I silently went “wtf” when learning of this. It became immediately clear to me that here was a man who walks his talk and goes to whatever lengths necessary to see his mission through. I’m in shock to hear that seeing his mission through now required him to give up and vacate his own home in order to keep the DO Foundation in operation. And I’m somehow infuriated, too. This isn’t right! Helping shouldn’t be punished, it should be rewarded.

Personally, I would like to see Brian and his daughter “Munchkin” move back to a place they can call home as soon as possible again. But then that’s not my call to make. What I can do though is raise awareness for this situation and ask you to donate whatever you can. Brian is currently in the process of writing and recording his next album called “DO Something”. Show him you do! I am sure he’ll meet you more than half way by releasing another great album of music for you to enjoy. I have a little over 2,000 friends and fans on Facebook. If everyone spared only 1$, we can raise 2,000$ for Brian! Can we make this work?

Update: To place your donation, please click here, scroll half a page down and find the big orange-colored “Submit Your Gift” button. Sorry for not being able to make it more convenient, but wordpress prohibits placing direct affiliate links (Thanks to Thomas for bringing this to my attention – I should have checked…)

Update II: Here’s another incentive: Keep a receipt of your donation or a screenshot and I’ll send you a free download code of my tracks at – there is a little bonus item and my four tracks are available there in higher quality than MP3.



  1. Ah! Thanks for bringing this to my attention, Cynthia! (I sometimes overlook things which I take for obvious). To donate, click the link on the word “donate” in the text above. But I will place another, more obvious link as well. Thanks for bringing this to my/our attention!


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