Natural Reserve

When seeing the doc yesterday about addressing something I’ve been putting off for years (for all of my life, actually), I got to read an article in one of the papers in the waiting room. It likened the 550 natural reserves we have in my country to some of the spectacular landscapes and sceneries in North America and on the Pacific Ocean. It was beautifully written and I instantly knew that I must find a way to lead a simple, quiet, secluded life in a place that won’t be overrun by construction bulldozers any time soon. I have been bending myself out of shape for all my life just to conform to this utterly perverted mockery of a life, which is defined by oppression, abuse, violence, deception, lies and – once you don’t conform – plain murder in stages, all in the name of “order”. If my nature weren’t peaceful first, I might get attracted to some of those groups that are a pain in the a** to Intelligence everywhere. But – I don’t think I’m looking for trouble. As a matter of fact – you don’t have to look far for trouble – it finds you sooner or later. I need to find a way to get away from all that. I’m done with pretty much everything that defines life as we know it here in Western countries. I’m not a part of this society any more as it is – and I have no intention whatsoever to become a part of THAT again. HOW I’ll manage? Uhm. No clue.


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