Imprint Added

Due to recently surfacing trackback and pingback entries I felt forced to add an imprint or general disclaimer to this blog. I realize that I have employed some fairly rude wordings. Please understand that this happens as a response to currently visible trends of the authorities to gain as much control over web content as possible. In the process of doing so, they employ the most bizarre hypocrisy and double standards, often simply bullying users and using general scare tactics. Having become a victim of poor data handling on behalf of a major online auctioning and trading corporation and thus having become subject of a criminal investigation (which I’m cleared from, b.t.w.!), I have zero tolerance for current attempts of putting simply insane and more importantly inefficient policies in place, in particular where they are labelled as EU directives. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that all these attempts of gaining control are being made for no other reason than that: Gaining control over people expressing and exercising their right of free speech.

If you don’t like what I’m saying, feel free to pass this content over. In other words – and I say this as nicely as I can: Please go away and stay away. 🙂 Thank you for understanding!

wesbound, June 2012.


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