I think, one cannot be reminded often enough of what Mr. Wellington enlightens us with here. Treat yourself to some great insights by a major player in the music business! Thanks for sharing, Anthony Wellington!

Anthony Wellington on Music, Bass, Life and other Subjects.

The Mechanism of Working

     The mechanism of working was a concept I started thinking about when I was a local musician that many people didn’t know about, and I was getting all this great work. I was getting all these students and becoming a “first-call “ bassist at a couple of studios, and getting all these gigs. I was wondering why guys who were as good as I am, and guys who were better than me, were not getting the same opportunities. It would be easy to say that I got the Victor Wooten gig because I’m his friend, but Victor has ALOT of good-bass-playing friends. When I started getting calls, not just to play bass, but to play keys, guitar, or do charts, I started thinking that there is a mechanism to this; a process, that I unconsciously understand that maybe other people don’t understand. To sum it…

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