Clearance Sale

Please note: This is the LAST TIME I get to keep my songs available for download via iTunes, Amazon & Co. for another year. The next one I’d need to renew for availability on above mentioned digital outlets is the ICOU Dance Remix. I can only do so, if the transaction reports of April and May generate at least 9.99$ (or the equivalent of roughly 15 sales of one of songs). If I fall behind this nummer, it’s the end of the line. I don’t know what happens after this, whether will keep my material around for later release or whether they’ll pull me from the stores they deliver to. I would assume they’ll keep me around for a while longer, but my material won’t be available for purchase anywhere.

Since I had to do everything from a zero budget until now and since I don’t have any other way of generating a meager revenue other than via online sales, I’m probably done. However – if that happens, I can at least say of myself that I’ve tried. 🙂 And to all of you, who supported me over the past three, four years: You have my heartfelt gratitude and appreciation!

wesbound, May 2012

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